Welcome to Simply Bespoke London


We are a respected supplier of luxury bespoke cigar humidors, wine rooms and custom furniture. With over 16 years experience, our teams portfolio of commissioned designs is extensive, incorporating some of the most desirable residences and yachts around the globe.

If you are a wine connoisseur, you will appreciate the importance of optimum storage conditions, from the temperature of your wine room to the angle at which the bottles are stored. Cigar aficionados know only too well how the correct environment can enhance the flavour and aroma of that sought-after Cuban cigar; and design virtuosos understand the significance of creating a signature style through carefully crafted custom furniture. Simply Bespoke London has an impeccable understanding of how to fulfil all these needs.

Our design team will work discreetly and professionally, creating some of the most spectacular showpieces for your home. They will work closely with you to understand your desires and preferred materials, be it with a traditional or a contemporary twist. From here you will see the development of innovative concepts, whether it is for a stunning humidor fitted into your study or a fabulous wine storage room adorning the length of the hallway to your reception room.

Our highly skilled team of craftsmen use only premium quality materials and allow you to choose each individual specification from the wood we use to the finish and design of every last hinge and lock. Our lighting is carefully designed to bounce, highlight and reflect off surfaces to reveal their very essence and enhance the display of your valued collection.

Attention to detail is intrinsic to every piece we conceive, from luxurious inlays to secret storage compartments only accessible with your fingerprint. We delight in creating something which is truly remarkable, that will continue to inspire you with each new feature we reveal.

Our creative functionality is just as important as the impressive visual impact. We have developed some of the most advanced technologies and innovations for our humidors and wine rooms to ensure optimum conditions at all times; from ingenious touch sensors to intelligent climactic controls.

Our team work closely together from inception through to installation, wherever in the world you may be. Our mission is to give you a seamless experience in originating a truly unique and exceptional masterpiece.